Green Gradient

Image makeover

  • our professional image makeover consultants analyse your features like your skin tone,height and weight etc.

  • Advice you on how to highlight your strengths and positives, by minimising your flaws.

  • choosing suitable fabrics suitable to your complection for different occasions.

  • Advice on how to rearranging,reorganising and remaking the closets and accessories you have.

  • Hair style advice  depending on your hair colour and texture etc.

  • Makeup and cosmetic guidance.

  • Tips on wardrobe shopping.

Green Gradient
Indian Bride and Groom

Wedding etiquettes

  • Our experts will guide you on how to interact and start conversation with bride/groom and their families.

  • knowing each others interests

  • How to understand new people and cope with new environment.

  • How to let go of unreasonable expectations from both sides

  • How to elevate the positive emotions of appreciation,love,peace,& happiness in you &in others by neutralising negative emotions.

  • How to protecting your own feelings by respecting others feelings.

  • How to maintain balance between selfishness and selflessness.

Green Gradient
New Hires

Business etiquettes

  • How to prepare for the business presentation both physically and psychologically.

  • dining etiquettes for business meetings

  • Telephone etiquettes.

  • Email.etiquettes

  • And many more.